We are a network of women builders on the West Coast of BC, Canada. Specializing in using local, natural and recycled materials. We can be hired to build with you or for you, to create whatever your heart desires. From natural interior finishes to whole house construction.


Mudgirls Manifesto

Mudgirls Manifesto

Handbuilt Homes, Hand Crafted Lives

On North America's West Coast, there's a group of rebel women who ten years ago chose to break free from a rigged economic and social system. They didn't take to the streets to lobby banks and governments to change their ways – they didn't have time for that. They had babies to feed and house. They reckoned that if nobody else was going to change the rules to support basic human needs and respect the biosphere, then we are all free to make our own rules.

They chose action. They decided to teach themselves how to build houses using the most abundant material on earth – mud. They'd learn by building, gathering skills and allies. They'd have fun, sharing whatever they learned with whoever wanted to come along for the ride. The Mudgirls revolution was born.

Part story of rebel women, grassroots self-governance, and community-building, part incendiary political and economic tract, and part practical guide to building natural homes for real people. Mudgirls Manifesto is about respecting the earth, each other, and crafting meaningful lives.

A powerful, positive antidote to troubled times.


The Mudgirls are heading to Oregon!

August 2nd, 3rd, 4th 2019

Mother Earth News Fair - Albany Oregon

The Mudgirls have been invited once again to the pacific regional MEN fair. We will be joining many amazing speakers and presenters over the course of the weekend. Saturday’s presentation will have us discussing the functioning of our collective, how we began and how we maintain our radical ideals, make money and have fun! On Sunday we will be doing a workshop on natural paints and plasters. All of these are versatile and applicable to conventionally built walls. including drywall, wood, concrete and more. Come along and learn and get dirty.

Here is the link to the schedule https://www.motherearthnewsfair.com/gridschedule/?loc=Oregon




Check out this blog

One of our amazing clients Allison Whitlock is currently writing a blog about her and her co-land owners building a natural home on Galiano Island BC. This house is a permitted light clay and cob hybrid home, they are taking it on as owner builders and making great progress and the Mudgirls are helping once and while ! https://adventuresinbuildingwithcob.wordpress.com