More than just cob

One of the common misconceptions about our collective is that we build only out of cob. We love it and build out of it all the time, and of course it was our humble beginnings, but no longer is it all we are capable of.

Hey Ma, look what we can do now!.

materials slipstraw feet and sprout.JPG

light clay

We like to call this type of natural building the bridge between two worlds. Bringing together the conventional and the natural. These homes can look a lot like a normal house, if normal is what you are into. The best aspect of this wall system is that it negates the need for pink insulation, drywall, exterior siding, vapour barrier, permanent plywood, and tar paper. it replaces all that in exchange for clay and straw or wood chips, and a clay or lime plaster. If you want more info on this, contact us. Check out more pictures in our gallery.

Natural Finishes

As a collective the Mudgirls have 1000's of hours of plastering experience. We can change your dry wall into something with texture and softness. It can be smooth, colourful, sculpted, pretty much whatever your heart desires is possible. Clay and lime plasters are breathable and help regulate humidity, this is most helpful in our wet coast clime. They work great in bathrooms, bedrooms, feature walls and your whole house! Check out more images in our gallery. 



earthen floors

Mud floors are a beautiful, low embodied energy solution for your conventional or natural home. Choose from many colours, add flecks of straw, or mica. Inlaid pipes often run beneath the earthen finish to keep your floor warm and heating your home from the bottom up. 

contact us for details on how to get one!