When is your next workshop?

We have workshops every spring and summer. But we often don’t know really far in advance what the dates will be. If you are curious about our upcoming season’s schedule, the best thing to do is keep checking the website. Events will be posted on our website as soon as their dates and details are confirmed. Generally, there isn’t anything going on over the winter, though we occasionally have talks and slideshows.

How do I apply for a workshop?

Each workshop will have its own write-up with all the info about where, when, how much, etc, a link to our application form, and the email address of that project’s coordinator. Please fill out the application and email it directly to the coordinator of the project you want to take part in. General applications (with no project specified) are not accepted.

Can I apprentice / volunteer with you? How can I become a Mudgirl?

The first step to working with us in any capacity is to take a workshop with us. This way we get to know each other’s personality and skills. If you are interested in learning from us more, come to as many projects that season as you can.

All our workshop participants are technically volunteers. We charge for food and a cook’s wage, and participants barter their labour for the learning they are receiving. Our clients pay us, or we barter with each other, but we never charge labouring workshop participants for our wage. This is how we keep our workshops accessible! This also means that when you come to any of our projects you have an obligation to participate to the best of your abilities.

Being a Mudgirl is about more than just natural building. We are a consensus-run collective of individuals who work together, make and follow policy together, have regular meetings, socialize, barter with each other and all contribute volunteer hours into making the Mudgirls Natural Building Collective a cohesive entity. If you really want to be a member, well, like any relationship, let’s get to know each other and see where it leads. 

Maybe! We require that clients pay our travel expenses as well as our wage. We also usually do an initial visit to the land, and possibly another visit before a project starts to check on the quality of the materials we plan to work with. This is all challenging when our client is far away. Although, if travel expenses aren’t an issue for you, or if we are confident that we can transmit the necessary information without in-person visits, then it is quite possible that we can work for you. However, you may find it more economical to find a local builder to work with.

I live in (...), will you come work for me?

Maybe! We love helping people build their dreams and facilitate learning simultaneously.  Workshops are great ways to build structures and a temporary community at the same time. We’d love to talk to you about your plans, so send us an email and let’s talk.

Do you want to host a workshop on your land?

I want to hire you for a project, what’s the first step?

You have land and a budget to build what you have in mind? Great! We can be hired to do a job from start to finish or to come in at any stage of your build to do anything in our skill set (which is quite diverse). We can be hired as a crew, where it is just experienced Mudgirls working on building whatever you have in mind. We can also be hired to host a workshop, wherein participants come and learn natural building skills while acting as a labour force.

Fill out the form on our "Hire Us" page! Tell us where you are, and about the project you have in mind. We will get back to you as soon as possible to discuss it further. Once it is established that you are a serious client with a feasible project, you will be assigned a Coordinator from within our collective. She will be your main contact as you work out all the preliminary details, and while we are on your job site.