We offer assistance to owner-builders who are embarking on their own natural building adventure, small projects or big.

We are available for building structures of cob, light clay or other natural materials, cob-ovens, garden walls, interior/exterior plasters, retrofits, eco-renovations of existing conventional homes, sheds, or whatever your dream natural building project is.

We can work on our own as a crew, or the MudGirls can help facilitate a workparty at your home during which we will share the skills of natural building with your friends, family or community while working on your very own natural structure. You too can learn to build naturally!

Also, as a collective, the MudGirls organize our own workshops in which we share skills and facilitate the learning of natural building with our participants. We  provide education and community outreach to help spread the natural building and sustainable living movement. We seek to inspire people to think about ancient or new and creative ways to change how we live on this earth. Our aim is to stop harming and start healing the earth and ourselves.


Tell us about your project idea, we'd love to get in touch with you!

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